Cyber Range


WKB’s vision is to set up a National Cyber Force (NCF) of  Cyber Warriors who will collaboratively defend against sophisticated cyber-attacks for protecting your critical ICT components connected to networks. WKB plans to take national endorsements and collate pan-India trainers & training-hubs to source, screen and position to a range of users. Will also train professional Cyber Warriors to undertake offensive operations against enemy targets in an ethical framework using the first of its kind private Partnered-Cyber Range in India.


  • This partnered ability exists to showcase the Cyber Range capabilities across domains. This will allow real Attack simulations and DDOS attacks for cyber defense
  • The state-of- the-art cyber range is required to serve Defense Establishments, Indian Security Agencies, Government Departments and enterprises in the Public and Private Sectors.
  • Like many organizations worldwide, Indian enterprises both in the public and private sectors face an acute shortage of Cyber Warriors with the skills required to defend against cyber terrorism, cybercrime and nation sponsored attacks.
  • The situation is made worse by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that continue to pervade critical IT infrastructures — despite a lot of debates, discussions and investments to secure them.


  • WKB has Strategic Partner with capabilities to assess, design and defend CNI & PKI both on IT & SCADA installations.
  • Advanced Consulting, Tools, Services & Initiatives are available for protecting Critical National Infrastructures like Power Grids, Command Centers, Large Corporates, Sensitive items manufacturers, HLS & Defense have a need for cyber defense.
  • State Level CERTs have to be established across India. WKB has partnered capabilities to do so.