Our People

Ken Udai Sagar, Chairman

Ken Udai Sagar has led many companies and groups across India in Leadership Roles. He was earlier Director Asia-Pacific for US Investment Associates LLC, a venture fund company for  Infrastructure. Ken has served on the Board of Gammon Infrastructure Ltd. In addition, he has held role of Director – Corporate affairs for a large multi-billion dollar South India Conglomerate, with special interests in Clean energy, Healthcare, Steel manufacturing domains. Ken is also the Hon. Consul General for Embassy of Israel in Andhra Pradesh and State of Telangana, having earlier served as President of Indo Israel Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He also serves as Managing Director of Bartronics India Limited, a BSE listed company having India’s only smart card manufacturing facility and does Financial Inclusion projects with several banks. Ken was awarded the International Trade Award of Israel by the Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Ehud Olmert, for helping the bi-lateral trade between India and Israel.  Ken holds an MBA from Bombay University.

As Chairman of WKB, Ken lends Global perspective and National policy level ideas to WKB, bringing a huge array of International Connects, International and Asian Brand Makers, Innovation, Technology smart-partnerships and financial opportunities for the integrated growth of WKB Technologies.

Irfaan Rafeeque, C.E.O

Irfaan Rafeeque, b. 1965 holds a Masters in Management from IRMA, Gujarat. He has held senior management positions in UAE & Switzerland in Realty, Contracting and Trading. He made joint ventures with leading companies for synergic expansions including M/s Gannon Dunkerly, M/s Progressive Constructions, M/s BSCPL Infrastructure. He has hand-led FDI from UAE for 1.4 million SFT at Gurgaon. Worked with INREM for Skill Development programs for over 20,000 trainees. International tech Collaborations esp. in areas of Information Security, Start-up funding, Smart Cities including G2G initiatives in Defense, Home Land Security & Agriculture. Apart from being a published writer & poet, he is co-authoring a book on Anti-Hacking. He advises many leading companies on Strategy & Financial Advisory.

Irfaan, as CEO brings his multi-disciplinary experience encompassing Strategic inputs, Business Modeling & Contracts & Corporate Affairs. He steers WKB’s navigation through a complex web of business opportunities and challenges in the traditional as well as in the transformational, disruptive, emerging arenas of WKB’s portfolio of businesses.

Mohammad Javeed, C.O.O

Mohammad Javeed, b.1983, is an Engineering Professional with over 14 years of rich International experience. Prior to WKB, Javeed has grown from functional to leadership capacity across various industries and service areas spanning compliance, information security, management consulting, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Public Sector, Defense and Media. In addition to entrepreneurial experience, he has worked in leading multinational organisations such as TCS and Accenture. Throughout his corporate career Javeed has been ly involved in community engagement initiatives. His career progressed from a Software Engineer role to a COO & Head of Delivery (current role). He handled various roles – Consultant, Technical Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager, Delivery Manager, Practice Lead and COO.

Javeed, as COO, brings to WKB his international work experience and multi-tasking skills to spearhead the operations, cutting across various emerging technology domains and challenges of complex threads of domestic and international Diaspora.

Virinchi Dasarathi, Head – Strategy & State Linkages

Virinchi, b. 1961, holds a degree in Geology. He has been a part of senior management team with successful track record across industries like Pharma, Electronics, Media & Entertainment. Virinchi has excellent PR in enabling global partnerships in fields of Ecology & Environment Management. He hails from a renowned family of award winning Poets & Writers.

Virinchi, as Head – Strategy & State Linkages, brings to WKB a huge bandwidth of contacts & PR at decision-making levels for top-line and bottom-line synergies.

Venu Varma Kalidindi, Head-Global Partnerships

Venu Varma, b. 1979 is in to international business partnerships since last 12 years. He speaks fluent German and is advising Indian companies on partnerships in central Europe, Middle East and Africa, and many German Companies on strategy in Asia. His personal passion is research based education and engineering skill development in India. He Steers WKB in helping top Indian universities in collaborating with world class research labs globally.

Venu brings a EU connect and Global linkages to various verticals of WKB, apart from his passion for ushering-in & promoting new and emerging technologies in India.

Sridhar Adirey, TechLead, Head-Finance

Sridhar Adirey, b. 1986, holds Master of Technology degree in Remote sensing from JNTUH. Sridhar is a professional with over 7 years of experience in area of DSP & Signal Systems, with focus on Pectoral side of Learning & development. He also has experience in application development, debugging and has excellent problem solving skills. He spearheads deep-diving into the L&D segment, apart from overall skill and capacity building within and outside the enterprise. His innate administrative and commercial skills make an automatic choice to head Finance of the company.

Sridhar as Tech lead, Head-Finance, brings to WKB pectoral side of L&D inputs, commercial acumen and understanding technology risks and mitigation strategies.

Farhan Nawaz, Manager – Middle East

Farhaan Nawaz, b.1993, holds Bachelor’s in Business Administration and is a Fellow of Indian Diamond Institute, Surat. Being educated in UAE, his Diaspora and Business- Connect to the Middle East market is notable. His core area would be Client Identification and ice-breaking for new markets / clients in the Middle East.

Farhaan, as a Manager – Middle East, brings to WKB a ready circle of influence for launching L&D, Cyber & IoT events.