WKB Partner is a German Firm of a "Bureau of Engineers" with a traditional German quality mind set. Our people are top-level management advisors and have specialized have specialized in Project rescue and realignment of overly complex IT organizations through finding the right strategy for future and a clean path through the technology jungle. Our origin are mission-critical SAP implementations and we take pride in being amongst the early proponents of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing and Big-Data technology as the ground works for the IT of the future.

Hologramming is a management methodology designed to meet the challenges of coordinating collaboration of widely distributed resources in machine-to- machine-to- human interaction. We have developed practically proven Standard Operation Procedures that cope with the special behavior and events that occur in a distributed, highly decentralized environment. This methodology was originally developed to have guidelines for rollout teams in multi-cultural environments where communication between the actors is limited for various reasons. Henceforth it is adopted for any kind of SOA. Hologramming is based on the Checks & Balances and peer review principle. It bases on the insight that "less control is more control" and builds up a highly competitive work factory that implements permanent quality probes to control the maturity of the project and to plug in orientation pillars for the teams.

Areas of activities: